To the Boy Who Left: A Thank You Letter

It’s been more than eleven months since you said goodbye. This in and of itself may seem like nothing spectacular, but it also means I have survived eleven months without the boy I gave everything to. So now, I am writing you a letter you will never read. I thought I would have pages and … Continue reading To the Boy Who Left: A Thank You Letter


Here’s to Twenty-One

One week ago today, I turned twenty-one. It doesn’t feel that different, but we all know it never does. While celebrating my birthday with some friends, I was asked a simple yet remarkably complex question; “What have you done in the last twenty-one years?” I had no idea how to answer. I recall sarcastically saying … Continue reading Here’s to Twenty-One


Note: While I did not intentionally write anything explicit, please be aware that some content is about post traumatic stress disorder, self-harm, and eating disorders. On April 3, 2017 at 11:10 am, the infamous website Buzzfeed tweeted their latest article of great controversy. Much to the chagrin of myself and many other Twitter users, it used … Continue reading #Triggered